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I would also like to thank the IKARE for taking Learn Khmer Online under its wings and we especially want to show our appreciation for the donation and charity that many people helped with their finance, time and commitment; in all its efforts to help support and finance the Learn Khmer online project. Many have gone out of their way to help coordinating this project, and we also want to welcome participants from partner countries around the world. Learn Khmer Online is one of the top and largest online literatures tools for Khmer education ever established in Minnesota.






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We’re aiming for online higher education for people around the world, especially region ties in Cambodia, to help sustain, preserve our cultural & traditions specifically in our Khmer literatures to uphold it to our utmost valuable education system for the world to see and it’s not only for this generation, but for many more generation after us.



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Tel: 952-393-7802

Email: info@learnkhmer.online


Through internet, Learn Khmer Online it’s a free website accessible free to anyone, anytime at anywhere around the globe will take a full advantage of this online forum to learn the Language and pass on to our next generation. Through Learn Khmer Online, it will help revolutionize the learning experience for everyone who wishes to learn the Khmer language.

IKARE has been committed to promote Learn Khmer Online in quality education since it was established. We continuously look to improve the Learn Khmer Online tools and administrative services by consistently upgrading education tools.

One of the strategic plan objectives of Learn Khmer Online is to enhance the activities relevant to internationalization.

Our main priorities are to: Strengthen the relations of academic cooperation with international institutions concerned with higher education specifically for Cambodians.

Enhance operation & projects funding from international organizations; Increase both the number and proportion of international users from online to offline; Encourage the education department, Donors and NGO organization to help incorporate a Learn Khmer Online school/office across the countries.

Develop a wider marketing campaign to improve awareness and recruitment/volunteer from locally & internationally; and to encourage participating in international projects like IKARE, and other Non-Profit organization. Within the framework of this project, an online education tools has been created to help tutor; the main mission of the office in Cambodia is to oversee the Learn Khmer Online progress and projects are properly carried out though strategic development. The overseer person manages, coordinates and supervises all international Relations, Financial Management, Leadership in Higher Education, Education and Quality Assurance.

Regarding the topic of this event, the Learn Khmer Online coordinator will play a major role in helping to organize fundraising on the international level.

Ladies and Gentlemen, With the attendance of experts, professionalism and people with different high levels of backgrounds, we will help to make a big difference and more beneficial ideas and experiences through our Khmer literatures that will be shared through many generations and to expose our rich cultural & tradition for the world to see.

I look forward to the positive outcome of this event and I hope you will enjoy our remaining Learn Khmer Online fundraising event.

Thank you.

Who build this website

A small team from a university of Asai Europ Cambodia.


Message from founder

Yan Roeun

Welcome Ladies & gentlemen. First of all, I would like to take this time to acknowledge and show our appreciation to our supporters, volunteers, and staff team, who through their time and finance helped shaped our endeavor toward reality; a reality that helped preserve our cultural, tradition and education through our essential tools of literature which is really important tools to sustain our Cambodia education value for our next generation. We’re couldn’t be anymore happier with your effort and we thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts for helping to push LKO projects moving forward.

It is an honor and a great opportunity to present to the public a new website that embodies a progressive self-learning method that is accessible to everyone through an online forum. Learn Khmer Online project will help revolutionize the learning experience for everyone who wishes to learn the language.

My name is Yan Roeun and I am the founder of Learn Khmer Online Project. I am currently residing in Minnesota, USA and Learn Khmer Online has been my ongoing project. It has been over 10 years’ journey of exhaustion for me trying to complete the project by myself with little progress due to the lack of resource and financial difficulty. But I never gave up and with persistent commitment and strong effort I am able to network with the right people who have volunteer their times and provided financial contribution to support this effort. We believe that Learn Khmer Online will have positive impact on everyone who wishes to learn Khmer language.

Our Mission statement is to:

  • Teach Everyone to Read
  • Teach Everyone to Write
  • Teach Everyone to Speak
  • So that Everyone can Communicate in Khmer

Our Goal: Our goal is to Protect, Preserve, Promote our Khmer Legacy.

Learn Khmer Online will use innovative tools and methodologies that make it easier and more efficient way to learn the language. It will provide learners with more accurate in pronunciation and dialect. My goal is to create the Learn Khmer Online project with the hope that everyone will take full advantage of this online forum to learn the language and pass it on to the next generation.

Learn Khmer Online is a free website and will be made available to everyone around the globe who wish to learn Khmer Language. This project is under IKARE: Inc., a non-profit organization 5013c. Thank you again for your kindness and support.

incerely yours, Yan Roeun

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